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Monday, December 19, 2011

Send me an Angel…Right now.

Do you believe in Heaven above?  Do you believe in Love?  I do and I'd love to find an angel.
I believe that there are more people that feel the same as I do about angels but are afraid to admit it.  They are afraid to admit how they admire them or how they wish they could meet one or see one, even if they could be creepy.
And why not?  Angels are perfect.  They don’t judge, taunt or whine and they are the closest beings to God. How could you NOT want to believe?
But who are these beings?  And why do I refer to them as creepy?  Are they spiritual?  or physical? or both?  Do they really watch over us?  And if they do, is that a weird creepy or endearingly creepy? 
Well, if we think about it, they have seen us at our best and at our worst.  They were made privy to our most intimate moments, no matter how serious or silly those moments may have been.   Yes, like the time you had diarrhea or drooled on your pillow while sleeping, or tripped over yourself for no reason.  That alone would make the angels not just endearing  but also very romantic.  There is nothing hidden from them and yet they still love us unconditionally.  How often do you meet someone that can love you unconditionally where you can speak openly without fear or judgment?  Not many, I say .  The angel is a true romantic, a pure heart, a deep love despite it's tortured sourl by the forbidden love with a human.  This my friends, is a fact, look it up, it's in Deuteronomy.
And that is how and why the story of BELOVED was born.  A story of a tortured soul, (NOT A VAMPIRE), who falls in love with a human girl; a girl that he has watched and protected since her birth.  Tortured because of his essence and  yet his inability to leave her.  We all crave that, both women and men.  We yearn for that someone to watch over us, to guide us, to support us, never leaving us all the while, having fun and enjoying life with us.   The perfect mate- an angel; the forbidden love.  
Can it happen?  Probably not.  But BELOVED dreams it and lets us in to witness it.   Enjoy BELOVED , brought to you by the wonderful people at Fantasy Island Book Publishing.  Come check it out along with all their best sellers at
Good night peeps and say your prayers tonight- never know who is listening…watching…creepin’!

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  1. I don't believe in love, or finding "someone to watch over us, to guide us, to support us, never leaving us all the while, having fun and enjoying life with us." It would, however, make an excellent fantasy novel, and I will read it when it comes out in print to see how having fun and enjoying life with the right "angel" works, at least in the fictional world.


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