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Monday, July 25, 2011

Don't Quit your Day Job!

So, here I am with my very first blog post…POP!   Welcome everyone and feel free to jump right in and share your thoughts.
I wanted to start out by briefly introducing myself as an artist that authors stories.  I say artist because I accept that not everyone will like my work.  It will not be because of quality or effort but more because of personal tastes.   And I’m OK with that.  I don’t like all the art out there either, but maybe you do.  That doesn’t mean it’s bad or good; it just means it’s there and ready for whoever wants to appreciate it, embrace it, love it or hate it.  There, the stage is set so let’s move on.
 I have been fortunate enough to meet a wonderful group of talented artists and authors with whom we all share a common goal.  We are all committed to a new kind of indie publishing affectionately termed as co-op publishing under the brand name of Fantasy Island Book Publishing (FIBP).   FIBP has not only taken epublishing to a new level but it has also provided the ability to bypass so much of the mundane and tedious work associated with self-publishing.  At this level, we authors work together to “push” our books for success.  When one succeeds, we all succeed and one by one, we focus on each other.  Our books are magnificent, with beautifully designed covers that accompany well-crafted stories from talented writers that make this company proud.  Here, you will find engaging tales that span so many genres and tastes; from horror to steampunk to fantasy to paranormal, this group and our fearless leader/publisher is your one stop shop for all your reading pleasures and desires.   Take a look and follow us below!
So, what’s the point of my ranting blog, you may be thinking?  Well, don’t think too much for the point is, when an author hits it big, it is not due to a stroke of luck- nah-uh; it is due to the many hours of hard work that were devoted and invested by each writer.  Hours that were removed from other activities such as family, friends or… sleep.  I can’t tell you how many countless nights I have been functioning on caffeine and 3 hours of sleep.  But notice I didn’t say work (meaning employed).  For those fortunate enough not to need a full time employer, good for them, I envy you very much.  You are already one step ahead of all of us and hopefully, will share your key learnings with the rest of us as we try to catch up during our “off-hours”.   For the rest of us, we get up and go to work and dream about  that special date in the future when we can make a living with our art and writing and until that date arrives,  all I can say now is don’t quite your day job…yet.        Later…P

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